~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dr. Nicole has been amazing through all of my 3 pregnancies and has also helped 2 of my kids with some of their issues. I had severe sciatic pain and she was better than the pain killers prescribed from my doc. When I get a rash of headaches, it takes one appointment for an adjustment with her to take care of them. She is knowledgeable, gentle and always has the best interest of her patients in mind. I have never felt she has recommended treatment just to get a bigger financial gain from working with me. I would highly recommend her to anyone--especially skeptics to the world of chiropractic.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Nicole is wonderful at all she does. She helped me through shoulder problems until I could get surgery. She is very gentle, kind, and caring. She goes above and beyond what you would expect to get when you go in for chiropractic and acupuncture. I have friends that use her and everyone is always happy with their care.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Nicole was so professional and a wonderful chiropractor and acupuncturist. I saw Nicole to assist in some fertility issues. She helped me and worked with me along side my fertility doctors. I strongly believe the acupuncture assisted me in getting pregnant. She also worked with my husband during this time. Nicole is a great, caring, smart doctor who I would refer again and again!"


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know the acupuncture treatment for the bursitis in my hip helped immensely. I am back playing golf virtually pain free. The muscle stretching "stick" you recommended is also working wonders for stretching the muscles in and around the area to prevent the area from becoming suseptible to the bursitis returning. I also use it as an alternative to my regular stretching program, it is fast and easy. Thanks again for all your hard work and tips!!"


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "My 9-year-old son loves Dr. Nicole! Because my son has autism, he needs a gentle approach and lots of patience. Dr. Nicole was able to establish a connection right away on the very first visit, and always makes sure to explain everything to him as they go along. He loves going to visit her office! She is an absolute natural with children, and I would recommend her to any family."


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Before I began my treatments with Dr. Hamel I was discouraged because I had been dealing with a shoulder issue. Dr. Hamel is such a positive and supportive person. As she began treating me she realized that my shoulder might have some more serious issues. She suggested I talk with my orthopedic physician about getting an MRI. I did and it was confirmed I had "frozen shoulder".

I cannot thank Dr. Hamel enough for suggesting I take this step because we were able to focus on the appropriate treatment moving forward. The acupuncture and chiropractic care has done wonders. My shoulder is back to normal and I feel great! I continue to learn so much from Dr. Hamel and truly appreciate her approach with helping others."


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Dr. Nicole is more than a chiropractor. She excels in treating the whole person – combining standard chiropractic treatment with acupuncture and other treatments. She is our first call – for conditions from the common cold to minor aches and pains.

Dr. Nicole’s care has been essential for our family. The adults and children at our house have benefited from her caring person-centered treatment and chiropractic skills. She supports our family members health and addresses everything from colds to sports injuries successfully.

I love bringing my children to see Dr. Nicole. She not only provides excellent chiropractic care, she excels at teaching kids about knowing and caring for their bodies."


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Dr. Nicole has helped me with my injuries from hockey. My knees and back were injured and I was able to get back on the ice faster because she helped me."

Eddie (11 yoa)

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Dr. Nicole helped my serve in volleyball by adjusting my hips & knees. Before getting adjusted I had a lot of pain in those areas from an accident. Now I feel more confident on the court."

Annie (13 yoa)

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